Economics Of Content Marketing

  • How to create a winning strategy with crappy content

    … or conference soon. Illustration courtesy Flickr CC and Robin Zebrowski Related Posts Tags: automated writing, economics of content marketing, marketing companion, podcasts Posted in Artificial Intelligence, B2B and social media, Big Data and Analytics, Content distribution, Content Marketing, Content Shock, economics of social media, futurist, innovation, Marketing Strategy, Podcasts, Technology, The Marketing Companion | No Comments » All posts …

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  • Social media giants tighten their grip on small content producers

    … a marketing expert had warned solo-preneurs to stop using Facebook and YouTube exclusively for their online biz. His advice was to diversify their income streams at all costs. He was right. Facebook fan page owners who relied solely on their Facebook presence had to pay dearly (pun intended) when the company started charging creators for reaching…

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  • Does every business need content marketing? A reality check.

    … This week I came across a quote from a speaker at the Content Marketing World conference: “Content marketing works every time, for every business, in every industry.” Another well-known guru recently wrote: “It is impossible to rise above the noise in business today without a content marketing strategy.” And I saw this quote shared on Facebook…

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  • A new process to quantify content marketing success

    … “MEASUREMENT” is the number one challenge for almost any marketer today. Do we try to attach the results of our efforts to awareness? Traffic? Sales? … or something else? How do we demonstrate value? This post explains an exciting new opportunity for content marketing measurement. Just a few years ago, Internet content was a novelty…

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  • Case study: Social media engagement as a point of differentiation

    …, generosity, and helpfulness. Brian and Rachel run The Goulet Pen Company, an online store that sells fountain pens, paper, ink and wax seals (don’t you just love the irony here, marketing and selling such ‘old school’ items via the internet?). The thing is, Brian and Rachel understand social media and content marketing – indeed, marketing…

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  • A solution to the content marketing measurement puzzle

    … Here is a common question I hear from many of my clients and students: My boss is looking at the leads we generated on advertising versus social media or content marketing and is questioning why he is putting money into content instead of doubling down on ads. How do I measure the value of what I am doing? First, let’s not rule out…

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  • Polish up your best content to drive content marketing value

    By Luke O’Kelly {grow} Community Member First I have to tell you that I am upset with myself. For a little over a week, I have been thinking about writing this post, but haven’t gotten around to it, and just a few days ago HubSpot’s Pamela Vaughan posted a blog that is literally the same thing I was planning to write.

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  • Do People Trump Content in Marketing?

    …, of people like us have had with solutions we are considering. But for many buyers, all of that is trumped by a conversation with a knowledgeable sales person. Content’s larger objective Many of us live in the bubble of the content marketing community that has developed online and through events. It seems we are forgetting how the rest of the world…

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  • The art and science of developing an enterprise content strategy

    … A few months ago, Kevin Green left his job at a marketing agency to become executive director of Marketing, Digital Strategy & Innovation for Dell. There are few companies that are more serious about serving customers through a diverse content portfolio than Dell is. But how does a company develop a comprehensive content strategy…

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  • Why customer personas may be an outdated marketing technique

    … “When my head is in the typewriter the last thing on my mind is some imaginary reader. I don’t have an audience; I have a set of standards.” - Don DeLillo A few weeks ago here on {grow} I ran a piece by Rob Petersen explaining the value of working with “customer personas” to develop a content marketing plan. In fact, he provided 31 great…

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  • The business case for content marketing consistency

    Today I am going to explain the importance of content marketing consistency but it is going to come from an unusual place, a young Korean woman. This outstanding person was one of my favorite employees when I was in the corporate world. She was such an impressive young woman. Poised, savvy, articulate, with two advanced degrees from national universities.

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