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  • 5 Email Marketing Tips for SaaS Businesses

    … The following is a guest post from Hammad Akbar, a tech entrepreneur with a passion for technology and online marketing. He’s currently focusing on a new startup TruConversion , a SaaS application in web/mobile analytics space. Check out his blog By now, you know that email marketing is widely used for engaging users, creating…

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  • Email Marketing Personalization 101

    … Imagine receiving an email from your best friend. You’d open it right away because a) It’s from someone you know and b) There’s a good chance the email content is relevant to you (and maybe even includes some salacious gossip). That’s the basic idea behind personalization for email marketers. (Minus the gossip. Usually.) When you personalize…

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  • It’s a mobile world in email. Don’t forget the preview pane.

    … How often do you read through your emails the way your readers do? Not often enough is the honest answer from most businesses. Taking that moment or two to experience your own email the way your readers will can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your campaigns. What do they see first? What makes them open and read your email…

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  • 6 Email List Segmentation Strategies for Retailers

    … Email marketing is a huge revenue-driver for retailers. A lot of companies will point to it as their number one digital marketing channel and research shows that, for every $1 spent, the average return on email marketing investment is about $44.25. But for all the power of email, many brands have yet to scratch the surface of targeting…

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