• How to Make an Emotional Narrative Work For Your Brand

    … to grow.” [To drill deeper into the elements of great stories as taught by Aristotle, et. al, get our free storytelling email course here!] The video Zak showed me was essentially a long commercial. From a brand. And yet it still worked. That’s because the narrative had… a) characters with emotions you could relate to b) a gap between what…

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  • The Science Behind the Power of Storytelling

    … the brain really responded to when hearing stories. When we remember, dream, or have ideas, specific neuronal patterns play out in our brains. Hasson conducted an experiment in which he measured a woman’s brain activity with fMRI while she told a personal story. Her auditory cortex was activated in response to her own voice, and her frontal…

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  • How Empathy Marketing Shows Your Readers and Customers You Care

    … as a natural step, and standing out from competitors aren’t shortcut tactics. Deep connections with readers and customers comes with responsibility: serving your continuously loyal customers. The superpower ability used by admired entrepreneurs is EMPATHY marketing.Click To Tweet Empathy is known as considering others’ perspectives, taking their points…

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  • Empathy in Content Marketing: Three Stories to Tell Your Audience

    … You are (presumably) a person. The people you are trying to reach with your brand’s message are, amazingly, people as well. Content works better when it comes from a place of empathy—that is, when you know your audience and can speak to them on a personal level. For example, I can use my astounding powers of empathy to read your mind right now…

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