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    • Experimenting with VR at the South China Morning Post

      Having spent my pre-Google career as a reporter and editor at legacy media organizations, I can tell you that digital transformation in the news industry is challenging. Even when news organizations have the will, resources and technical expertise, the obstacles to transformation can be daunting.

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    • Resonance Audio: Multi-platform spatial audio at scale

      As humans, we rely on sound to guide us through our environment, help us communicate with others and connect us with what’s happening around us. Whether walking along a busy city street or attending a packed music concert, we’re able to hear hundreds of sounds coming from different directions. So when it comes to AR, VR, games and 360 video, you need rich sound to create an e ...

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    • Poly: Browse, discover and download 3D objects and scenes

      If you’re building for virtual and augmented reality, you need 3D objects for your apps. With Tilt Brush and Blocks, we’ve made 3D creation easier. Now, we want to enable creators and developers to build on everyone’s work. That’s why we created Poly: one place to browse, discover and download 3D objects.

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  • Developing a VR game in just two weeks

    … much more from the challenges we take on than from the ones we don’t face by walking the easy path. There are some amazing low poly games and artists out there. I think many artists would benefit from making models in VR using Blocks. If I was able to finish this project in two weeks, I can only imagine what a small team could do. Give it a try, and post your creations or questions using #MadeWithBlocks. If you’d like to experience Blocks Isle on the HTC Vive, you can download the game. …

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  • Maximizing art assets for VR

    … In line with previous tips we shared about creating art assets for VR, we’ve put together a few specific techniques for VR artists to get the most out of polygons and UV space. Tiling textures: Instead of making one giant texture that covers lots of space, create a smaller tileable texture that can be used in more spaces. The example below…

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  • Get a new perspective on the world with Discovery TRVLR

    … get to explore it in vivid VR video filmed on Jump cameras. TRVLR takes you on voyages to all seven continents, and by focusing on locals you’ll uncover the hidden stories of these places and learn things you’d never see in a travel guidebook. Available today, the first chapter takes you to Auckland, Australia—hold on tight as you descend…

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  • Swing into the World Series with Google Expeditions

    … Hey batter, batter, batter! It’s late October, and the World Series is shaping up for an amazing finish. Step up to the plate with five new Google Expeditions that we created in partnership with These include virtual tours of Citi Field in New York and Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, both of which are narrated by MLB…

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  • Daydream Labs: Accessibility in VR

    …, the technology needs to offer new tools. So we’ve been exploring how spatial audio cues can be used for navigating and interacting with virtual environments. Compared to VR, other technologies offer more tools and help to visually-impaired people. One example is the alternative text found on website images, and another is Google TalkBack, which adds spoken…

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  • Helping NASA and JPL bring the surface of Mars to your browser

    … On August 6, 2012, the Curiosity rover landed on Mars. Ever since, it’s been searching for evidence that Mars has ever been suitable for life. It’s also been photographing the Martian terrain in great detail. Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab use these photos to create a 3D model of Mars. It’s a one-of-a-kind scientific tool for planning…

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  • Look up to your role models in VR with “The Female Planet”

    … a female broadcast journalist at the top of her career, sparking my interest in media. Now in my role at Google, I want to use VR technology to make it easier for young women to shadow and learn from global female leaders. We just released “The Female Planet,” a new VR video series from Google and Surround Vision, that captures the daily lives…

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  • Bringing Google Earth to Expeditions with Seurat

    … Editor’s Note: In this technical post we explain how Seurat, a developer tool from Google, is able to bring high-end graphics to mobile VR systems. If students could see almost any place in the world with the high quality graphics of Google Earth VR, it would create new opportunities for exploration and learning. For this to work, it would…

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  • Pixel 2 and Daydream View: new experiences in AR and VR

    … Virtual and augmented reality have the potential to make computing more immersive, intuitive and powerful. With augmented reality (AR), you can interact with digital objects that are integrated seamlessly in the real world around you. With virtual reality (VR), you can experience what it’s like to go anywhere. We just announced the new Pixel 2…

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  • Daydream Labs: Interactive scenes with Blocks objects

    … their own "Escape the Room" experience in VR. Every object in the game is made from Blocks objects, including typical stuff like a flashlight, desk, bookcase, and the obligatory keypad, but also even the room itself. Throw in some lighting, and the result is a scene with exactly the cartoonishly spooky vibe we were going for. Not a room you'd want…

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  • Teachers keep their lesson plans fresh with Expeditions

    … be traveling across the United States with Expeditions AR throughout this school year, so if you’d like us to visit your school, please let us know by signing up. We're also releasing five special VR expeditions this week featuring scenes from Earth VR. Earth VR is one of the most popular apps for high-end virtual reality systems, and it lets you explore…

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  • Meet the second round of Jump Start creators

    …. Carole Chainon Location: Los Angeles, USA Carole ​is co-founder of JYC, an LA-based AR and VR video production studio. She’s shooting a documentary about the homeless community of NYC. Celine Tricart—Lucid Dreams Productions Location: Los Angeles, USA Celine’s a VR filmmaker and founder of Lucid Dreams Productions. Her team’s work has been…

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  • Building film experiences through WebVR with Powster

    … Editor’s Note: When you build with WebVR, anyone can explore VR experiences with Chrome and Daydream View. Ste Thompson is CEO and Creative Director at Powster. In this post for developers, he explains how Powster uses WebVR to create immersive experiences in film environments that reach as wide an audience as possible. Web-based VR…

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