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This list of Google products includes all major desktop, mobile and online products released or acquired by Google Inc. This list also includes prior products, that have been merged, discarded or renamed.
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  • How to Choose the Perfect Focus Keyword

    … for most of you (we honestly hardly ever do this). Not to worry, using Google Trends should give at least some idea, in a creative way, about search volume. Google Trends allows you to compare the search volume between two search terms over time. This will give some insights in the volume of the search terms people use (always relative to another…

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  • SEO 101: What is Semantic Search and Why Should I Care?

    … a single unit now has a number of connotations that give a concrete meaning. And this is done through a process of disambiguation. Again, we turn back to Wikipedia to define this term: In computational linguistics, word-sense disambiguation (WSD) is an open problem of natural language processing and ontology, which governs the process of identifying…

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  • 6 Irresistible Blogging Tools to Increase Your Productivity and Traffic

    Your’re a blogger, maybe it’s time to get serious. A blog is one of the best ways of driving regular, ongoing, free traffic to your website. To be successful you need a good strategy and to support this strategy you need good blogging tools. In this article we discuss 6 powerful tools that help you become more efficient and effective as a blogger. 1.

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  • Why Long Tail Keywords Are SEO Gold

    … and you will soon. Caption: Hittail is a popular tool for finding long tail keywords tailor-made for your site. Google Suggest Also known as the Google search box. This is almost too obvious, but Google gives you long tail keyword suggestions every time you type something into the search query box. You can also see long tail keyword…

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  • SEO Ranking Factors You Can’t Ignore!

    … the content and realizes that it’s about animated videos, so it sends traffic for related terms. The terms you rank for on Google are available in Google Webmaster Tools under Search Queries. An advanced tip is to look at which related terms you are ranking for and, if you are getting good traffic for these terms, go back into your article and add…

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  • 6 Steps to Creating Blockbuster Content!

    … PR Social Media Video Presentations/Documents (Slideshare/Scribd) Influencer research & outreach Measurement Measuring the success of your content will be based on the goals that you have set at the very start of the process. This should be measured after an agreed period of time rather than instantly, as sometimes the content…

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  • Is Adwords a ranking factor in Google Search?

    … entities Google lists in the Search entity transition matrix and applications of the transition matrix patent. The relations between search entities might create what Bill Slawski defined as “probability score” related to a query, and the higher is that score for a certain web document the higher is the probability that it will rank (better…

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