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Not to be confused with the Guardian Enterprise Group, an American media company (see .2 Network).Guardian Media Group plc (often referred to as GMG) is British mass media company owning various media operations including The Guardian and The Observer. The group is wholly owned by Scott Trust Limited, which exists to secure the financial and editorial independence of The Guardian in perpetuity.
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  • Politico, HBR, The Guardian: Who redesigned it best?

    … homepage space as The Guardian’s longer, more in-depth reporting. It’s similar to the strategy Politico is cooking up. “The simple list view still dominates most news sites: there’s either a vertical or chronological hierarchy of importance,” Guardian News Media digital strategy director Wolfgang Blau told Digiday in October. “We wanted to offer more nuance and assign levels of importance.” Take Our Poll The post Politico, HBR, The Guardian: Who redesigned it best? appeared first on Digiday. …

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  • The Guardian tries to fix the ‘broken’ homepage

    …. The new system enables editors to more easily respond to breaking news and updated stories. The modular design also translates well to mobile. The Guardian News Media has had a core team of 40 working on its next generation sites over the last 18 months. Wolfgang Blau, GNM’s digital strategy director, explained the strategy behind the redesign…

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