• How AI will transform every job in media, not just the ones you expect

      Artificial intelligence has been part of the zeitgeist for decades. But now that the technology is moving into the media and marketing mainstream, industry professionals may wonder if they’re about to be phased out by an army of machines. At least that’s been the fait accompli. An upcoming study on how the industry is incorporating artificial intelligence, says the new technol ...

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  • Podcast: Billboard’s Shira Brown on premium video and Snapchat for grown-ups

    … On this episode of the Visionaries Podcast, we sat down with Shira Brown, head of video partnerships for Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter. We talked about how publishers are handling the Facebook/Google duopoly, how established brands can navigate Snapchat, the power of premium video to drive engagement for two iconic trades. The post…

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  • Podcast: Bonnier’s Semande Agosa on the duopoly, ad blocking, fake news

    … The Digiday Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado brought together some of the sharpest minds in media to discuss the issue affecting the digital content ecosystem today. Everything from fake news and ad blocking to the massive power of the Google/Facebook duopoly was on the table. On this episode of the Visionaries Podcast we caught up…

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  • The express guide to in-image ads: Publisher edition

    … Consumers may have tuned out banner ads and 300×250 sidebar units, but they’re laser-focused on carefully curated image embeds from their favorite publishers. Editorial teams are working overtime to create and curate quality images to accompany their text posts. The problem for advertisers and editors alike? How to capture the eyes that have…

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  • Millennials Aren’t Shopping on Social Media (Infographic)

    … Marketers and retailers have been trying to push social commerce on social media users. Many see it as the next wave for social marketing, as it allows connection with customers, increased opportunities for conversion and instant purchases. However, millennials–whose buying power is expected to reach $200 billion by 2017–aren’t biting…

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  • How Product Packaging Helps Market Your Brand on Social Media

    …, typography used on packaging to tout product benefits and ingredients might not be as readable in real-world contexts as it is in advertisements and in well-lit retail settings. A description—for instance, “body lotion with self-tanners for a natural bronze glow” on this consumer’s Twitter image of a Dove product—that looks elegant and is easily…

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  • The do’s and don’ts of in-image ads

    … We live in a visual culture. From the rise of Snapchat to the ubiquity of emojis, it’s clear that words are out and images are in. With images taking center stage, publishers are turning to in-image advertising to build revenue by putting marketing messages in the places where eyes are truly focused. There’s just one problem. Like all the good…

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  • The Secret Life of Brands: What Image-Recognition Technology Reveals

    … Every brand has a story—a story the brand hopes to control. Marketing teams, brand managers and ad agencies collaborate to expend vast amounts of effort positioning or repositioning products, market-testing them, considering use cases, targeting consumers, market-testing the marketing messages created for those consumers, and so on. Every brand…

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  • Are We Really Headed Toward a World Without Ads?

    … described as a media company that happens to make an energy drink. That reputation was further underscored in March when the brand’s media arm, Red Bull Media House, signed a major content deal with Reuters to supply the news giant with action-sports photos, videos and stories. But Red Bull is a special case—after all, extreme sports and energy…

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