In computing, a hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow either by clicking or by hovering or that is followed automatically. A hyperlink points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document. Hypertext is text with hyperlinks. A software system for viewing and creating hypertext is a hypertext system, and to create a hyperlink is to hyperlink (or simply to link). A user following hyperlinks is said to navigate or browse the hypertext.
Posts about Hyperlinking
  • Sell vs. Tell: Five Ways to Engage Your Audience During a Presentation

    … doesn't have to be linear. You can use its hyperlinking feature, which will let you jump to any slide in your deck, at any time. If you find that a little too complicated, you can also try a PowerPoint library app that will let you—during the meeting—search for and find specific slides at a moment's notice. The ability go interactive, no matter how…

    MarketingProfs- 17 readers -
  • 5 Productivity Tips and Tools for Lazy Content Marketers

    … out and enjoy your life when 5 p.m. rolls around. Productivity Tip #2: Simplify Your Writing Environment Wendell Berry is one of my all-time heroes. In addition to being an incredibly prolific and talented writer (with more than fifty books and counting to his name), Berry is a farmer and a passionate advocate for agriculture who still makes time…

    Dan Shewan/ WordStreamin Content Twitter Blogging- 20 readers -
  • JW Player on The Latest in Video Technology Innovations

    Jeroen “JW” Wijering, founder of JW Player, and a pioneer of the online video player, highlights the best in state-of-the-art video technology for 2014. JW walks us through the current industry standards, how HTML5 is changing the way video is consumed, how adaptive streaming works, and why you should be captioning your video content.

    Carla Marshall/ ReelSEOin SEO Google YouTube- 10 readers -
  • Why Are Hashtags So Darn Important?

    Hashtags are everywhere. You can see them on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, at events, or even on commercials and movie trailers. It’s not a surprise that one of the questions I hear all the time, when presenting social media seminars, is, “What is a hashtag and why is it important for my business?” To understand why hashtags are important, you have t ...

    Kristen Curtiss/ Constant Contact- 16 readers -
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