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  • Increase Forum Activity using these 10 Simple Steps

    … at being centered on a niche whereas you and your members are fans of the niche. For example, if you run a gaming forum, you and your members are fans of gaming – this technique works better when focusing on a specific niche, like instead of gaming, your forum focuses on the Xbox One gaming console. Fans enjoy being around one and other discussing what…

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  • Goodbye Threads: How should you handle them on your forum?

    … Have you ever seen goodbye threads posted on a message forum? Have goodbye threads ever been posted on your message forum before? Goodbye threads are topics that members post when they plan on leaving your message forum for good. These goodbye threads are often posted because of some form of forum drama that is or had occurred on your…

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  • Forum Google Analytics for Beginners, Guide!

    … Are you having trouble understanding your forum Google Analytics data? Understanding your forum Google Analytics data and features is very important if you wish to use forum Google Analytics to better your online community. But your forum Google Analytics data isn’t exactly in plain English is it? So how can we understand forum Google…

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  • Facebook Forum Promotion Strategies for Forum Owners

    … on a forum contest or even sharing your Facebook page with their friends and family. CTA marketing is a good tool to use within your Facebook forum promotion strategies because a lot of online community owners are reporting success with CTA marketing across their niche markets. Facebook Forum Promotion Strategies #5: Find Experts Connecting…

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  • Eye Catching Post Titles which will Lure People to Your Forum

    Are you creating eye catching post titles on your forum? Do you think eye catching post titles could help make your forum a lot more active? Creating eye catching post titles will create interest for your forum because your members and guests will want to read the contents of your post after being lured in by the title.

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  • Creating Useful Forum Posts that members want to share

    … emotional connect into the post and create it with your own personal voice, full of emotion and passion for the niche of your forum. You need to create unique content that is known to be by you and you only so that others don’t feel like what you are writing about has already been done by another forum owner in your niche market. Always try…

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  • Dominate Forum Competition using these 34 Tactics

    … Do you want to dominate forum competition? Do you want to be the best forum in your niche market? The following 34 tactics are one great way you can go about making sure you dominate forum competition in your niche. To dominate forum competition, it means your forum would be either the best or one of the best forums in your niche – do you still…

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  • Effective Forum Post Exchanges – Still Even Possible?

    … Is there even such thing as effective forum post exchanges anymore? Back when effective forum post exchanges were happening, it seemed like more people were treating forums like the forum was their own rather than trying to promote a signature of just to hurry up and complete the Post Exchange. Nowadays, it seems like effective forum posts…

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  • Free Forum Advertising – Advertise Your Forum For Free!

    … their vaping services and businesses. I use Invision Power Board 3.4 with IP.Nexus and IP.Content installed. IP.Nexus has a powerful option for me to offer advertising to my forum vendors as well as banner positioning and rotation. I make quite a bit of money with this particular niche forum through advertising. National Skywarn Forum The National Skywarn…

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  • Forum Topic Ideas: Never run out of them again!

    … topic ideas is bad news for your forum. If you are not posting new topics, your members will likely follow your lead and your online community will suffer a drought of activity. Running out of forum topic ideas is often the killer of message forums and you shouldn’t have to experience that. In this article, I will show you how to never run out…

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  • Forum Growth Hacking: Make Your Online Community Grow!

    … Doctor of Growth Hacking, Sean Ellis. Now forum growth hacking should be used to replace marketing on your message forum but forum growth hacking is different than regular forum marketing just so you know. See, a forum growth hacker has one goal and one goal only – growing the forum. You will still use marketing techniques in forum growth hacking…

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  • Award Member Loyalty: Keeping your forum members active!

    … Have you ever wondered how you can award member loyalty on your message forum? You should award member loyalty because that will likely result in your loyal forum members staying loyal to you and your forum for many years to come. You see examples of how a company would award member loyalty with the credit card industry. Credit card companies…

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  • Great Forum Topic Ideas in 5 Easy Steps

    … steps below. #1: Identifying Great Forum Topic Ideas First thing first, you need to identify great forum topic ideas before you start posting them on your forum. This is really easy to do, too. What you do is find a long discussed topic on your forum or on another forum in your niche. Identify what part of the topic received the most discussion…

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