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  • 4 Lessons From The Eagles About Achieving Success

    … Success rarely comes easy. In anything. So when I hear someone say, “I wish I was like (fill in the blank)” or “(Name) has it so easy / good,” I often roll my eyes. Usually, these folks don’t understand all the time, energy, heartache, sacrifice, money, anxiety, fear and education that were planted in order to (hopefully) encourage success…

    Karon Thackston/ Marketing Words Blog- 33 readers -
  • Mastering the Art of Writing Sexy Bullet Lists

    … From short ecommerce product descriptions to enormously long sales letters; ask any copywriter and they’ll quickly tell you that bullet points are one of the most valuable tools in their skill set. Why? Because they almost always get read. Most people (and many professional copywriters), however, struggle with writing captivating bullet points…

    Karon Thackston/ Marketing Words Blog- 11 readers -
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