Kentucky /kɪnˈtʌki/, officiaIIy the Commonwealth of Kentucky, is a state located in the east south-central region of the United States. Kentucky is one of four U.S. states constituted as a commonwealth (the others being Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts). Originally a part of Virginia, in 1792 Kentucky became the 15th state to join the Union. Kentucky is the 37th most extensive and the 26th most populous of the 50 United States.Kentucky is known as the "Bluegrass State", a nickname based on the bluegrass found in many of its pastures because of the fertile soil.
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  • Facebook Catches March Madness

    … Virginia University, 101,000 Texas A&M University, 23,000 University of Utah, 18,000 No. 4 seeds, by likes: University of Kentucky, 1 million Duke University, 368,000 Iowa State University, 77,000 University of California Berkeley, 13,000 No. 5 seeds, by likes: Indiana University, 291,000 Baylor University, 147,000 University of Maryland, 51,000 Purdue University, 31,000 Readers: Which teams do you have finishing atop your brackets? …

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  • Cool ideas: Pay it forward comes to retail

    … gaining ground again, creating a wave of good deeds. A Starbucks drive thru in St. Petersburg, Florida, last year, for example, witnessed an 11-hour chain of 378 customers buying coffee for the next person in line. But the app is not only about spreading goodwill. According to Hiler, it also creates a new stream of revenue for retailers, allowing them…

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  • Is this man the most talented creative in America?

    … cages. It promoted the bike brand’s customization program, which, essentially, freed you from these metaphorical cages. Hiler — otherwise unemployed at the time — saw his ad get made. Thrilled with the experience, he approached his wife, who happened to work at Cornett Integrated Marketing, in Lexington, Kentucky, and told her that he wanted…

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 15 readers -
  • Distillers jump on #BourbonSummit after Obama conference

    … Real-time marketing has another moment in the sun. And what goes better with sun than spiked lemonade? Wednesday afternoon, President Barack Obama said he’d enjoy sharing some Kentucky bourbon with Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Kentuckian who was re-elected in Tuesday’s midterms and is expected to become leader of a Republican-controlled Senate next…

    Shareen Pathak/ Digiday- 9 readers -
  • 5 Productivity Tips and Tools for Lazy Content Marketers

    … to tend the fields of his farm in rural Kentucky every single day. One thing Berry does not have in his Kentucky farmhouse, however, is a computer. Although using a typewriter is impractical for content marketers, there’s a lot to be said for simplifying your writing environment. If you write using Google Drive, you’re only a tab away from…

    Dan Shewan/ WordStreamin Content Twitter Blogging- 22 readers -
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