Marketingsherpa Summit 2017

  • Marketing Career: How to grow your personal brand in three steps

    … that people have submitted. Not only is optimization a topic Flint has a genuine interest in and excitement for, but it also sets him up as a thought leader on those issues. People see his face and get to know him through the screen. That interest and trust that develops through video helps when he is speaking at both internal and external events…

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  • Millennials something Snapchat something something

    … alert: you’re gonna need a bigger budget. Just kidding. At MarketingSherpa Summit 2017 in Las Vegas, one of the featured speakers will be Scott Dikkers, co-founder and former owner and editor-in-chief of the notorious news satire publication, The Onion. Which got us thinking … what would MarketingSherpa look like if it were written by the editors…

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