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  • The Digital Entrepreneur

    … to New Rainmaker with Brian Clark on iTunes Click Here to Listen on Rainmaker.FM About the author Rainmaker.FM Rainmaker.FM is the premier digital marketing and sales podcast network. Get on-demand digital business and marketing advice from experts, whenever and wherever you want it. The post The Digital Entrepreneur appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • Behind the Scenes: The Rebranding of Copyblogger Media

    …. The reception to the new brand has been overwhelmingly positive, which is very pleasing. Although, a few questions did come up. One was, why the switch from Media to Digital? And how about that new company Facebook page after we very publicly deleted the Copyblogger Facebook page? Tune in Rainmakers, as all will be revealed. Plus, one…

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  • How to Create Legendary Content that Builds Your Business

    … and the right products and services, you’ve got an amazing business. Bryan Eisenberg joins Brian Clark on New Rainmaker today to discuss the principles from his book Buyer Legends (co-written with his brother Jeffrey Eisenberg and Anthony Garcia). In short, they talk about stories told from the point of view of your customers, because your brand isn’t what…

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  • 6 Steps to Building an Audience That Builds a Business

    … It’s taken awhile, but the startup world is starting to recognize the power of building an audience before building a product. That’s music to our ears. That’s the way Copyblogger Media grew out of a one-man blog. Back in 2012, while chronicling how that happened, Brian Clark coined the term minimum viable audience, effectively tying content…

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  • How to Succeed in Online Education (On Your Own Terms)

    … … digital sharecropping comes to online education. Have we learned from the lessons of Facebook, Amazon, and Apple? Do you really think they have your best interests at heart? In this 11-minute episode of New Rainmaker with Brian Clark, we’ll cover: The mainstream acceptance of online learning Why you haven’t “missed the boat” How to make…

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  • Will Millennials Kill Email Marketing?

    The biggest myth around about Millennials is that they don’t use email. Fact is, the average young person checks email more often than most older people. But that doesn’t mean Millennials are reading your email. Rather, there’s a good chance that your email is getting deleted unread, prompting an unsubscribe, or worst of all, marked as spam.

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  • Henry Rollins on the Art and Business of DIY Media

    … 10 Things You Don’t Know About. Life can be strange as a parent. The reason why Henry is on this podcast, and more importantly, why he’s doing the closing keynote at Authority Rainmaker in May, comes down to this quote from an interview he once did while on tour in New Zealand: Everything I do, writing, touring, travelling, it all comes from…

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  • Rainmaker.FM: Has Social Media Killed Consumer Trust?

    … This week, Robert and I put on our commentary caps to take on subjects that have been in the news. Plus, we reveal what’s in the very near future for Rainmaker.FM (think big). The main story this week is all too familiar … short-cut marketers are the reason we can’t have nice things. Now, apparently, they’ve destroyed trust in social media…

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  • The Key Element of 21st Century Persuasion

    …. As treatment continued, his tumors shrunk by half. Ten days later, he was discharged from the hospital … the cancer was gone. That’s pretty amazing in itself. The more amazing thing is that Krebiozen didn’t actually work. We’re back for the fall season of the New Rainmaker broadcast, this time looking into the unstoppable power of belief…

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