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  • Is Yelp’s Slowing Growth a Function of Mobile’s Adolescence?

    … It’s been a turbulent few months from Yelp. Rumors of a potential acquisition have created volatility for shares of the reviews site, compounding investor concerns after a first quarter earnings report that showed lower than expected profits and sluggish user growth sparked a sell-off in April — the largest sell in its three years as a public…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 12 readers -
  • Yelp Reportedly Explores a Sale — Could Priceline Be a Fit?

    … Yelp may be on the auction block. That’s according to a report from the Wall Street Journal that said the reviews site was in conversation with investment bankers to find a buyer for the multi-billion dollar company. No prospective buyers were named in the report, but in addition to the usual suspects, one less likely company stands out…

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  • How Online Dating Helped Thumbtack Raise $100M

    … the best model for our categories. The customer doesn’t want to spend the time searching and drowning in information. Today [Porch] is like Yelp or Houzz. Those are both great content companies, and they are tough to beat at that game. In the end, I think there will be a company that owns the service industry from end-to-end, from discovery…

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  • Report: Legacy Sales Teams Struggle With Digital Product Sales

    … beyond learned knowledge. Local media will not disappear, but the integrated structures on which companies have relied for years likely will. The relationship between content and sales operations has already weakened, and as media companies rely more on reselling third-party products for revenue, there will be sound logic to spin off the more…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 10 readers -
  • Could the Mobile Ad Industry Spin off a Data Business?

    … advertising firm that competes with PlaceIQ, says the amount of ad requests with latitude and longitude data more than doubled last year. The company, like its competitors, uses the data passed along in mobile advertising request to compile profiles of the users for each device. Kohn says the company, which is part of mapping giant Telenav, does…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Mobile- 10 readers -
  • Twitter and Foursquare Make a Better Match Than You’d Think

    … for social local search than the social graph of Facebook. 4) Twitter caters to the power user. A “follow” structure creates an economic structure for the power users — a constituency that has become essential for .Yelp and Foursquare. A well-executed social experience, say Twitter, could allow power users to develop their own monetizable…

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  • Why Pat Sajak Wants to Power Hyperlocal Daily Deals for SMBs

    … American Deals, a daily deal company that franchisees its brand and technology to local entrepreneurs, to help the firm stand out in an increasingly competitive daily deals market. The company, which was founded by Michael Silber, a friend of Sajak’s, expanded nationally this summer, taking the franchise beyond the seven California markets in which…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Twitter- 9 readers -
  • WeddingWire CEO: Building Technology For The Ephemeral Consumer

    … In a few months, I’m getting married. That means I will spend the next half-year enmeshed in a $100-billion wedding industry that views me and my fiance as a consumer supernova — a bright flash of emotional spending that will disappear (hopefully) forever in a matter of months. The ephemeral quality of the wedding consumer creates a fascinating…

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  • The Growing Market for Networked SMB Software

    … but a bigger part of that customer base’s spend as well. A Nascent Network in the Cloud The takeaway here is that the cloud has done wonders to grow the total addressable market as well as the revenue generated per user (ARPU) for a business software company. The questions for these firms now is whether they can find the network effects necessary…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 5 readers -
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