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  • Is Yelp’s Slowing Growth a Function of Mobile’s Adolescence?

    … It’s been a turbulent few months from Yelp. Rumors of a potential acquisition have created volatility for shares of the reviews site, compounding investor concerns after a first quarter earnings report that showed lower than expected profits and sluggish user growth sparked a sell-off in April — the largest sell in its three years as a public…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 17 readers -
  • Yelp Reportedly Explores a Sale — Could Priceline Be a Fit?

    … as a potential candidate: Priceline Group, the new owner of OpenTable. The online travel giant, which owns and Kayak among others, pushed into the local market last year with the acquisition of restauarnt reservations company OpenTable. The deal, which was worth $2.6 billion, thrust the company in competition with others in the restaurant tech…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Affiliate- 15 readers -
  • How Online Dating Helped Thumbtack Raise $100M

    … them to offer a quote on a job. A lot of people do not realize that when they submit the details of their project on Thumbtack we’re emailing and texting and sending push notifications to this massive network of professionals. That wouldn’t be possible if our professionals only were checking the internet through their computer a few times a day…

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  • Report: Legacy Sales Teams Struggle With Digital Product Sales

    … beyond learned knowledge. Local media will not disappear, but the integrated structures on which companies have relied for years likely will. The relationship between content and sales operations has already weakened, and as media companies rely more on reselling third-party products for revenue, there will be sound logic to spin off the more…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 12 readers -
  • Could the Mobile Ad Industry Spin off a Data Business?

    … advertising firm that competes with PlaceIQ, says the amount of ad requests with latitude and longitude data more than doubled last year. The company, like its competitors, uses the data passed along in mobile advertising request to compile profiles of the users for each device. Kohn says the company, which is part of mapping giant Telenav, does…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Mobile- 12 readers -
  • Twitter and Foursquare Make a Better Match Than You’d Think

    …. Facebook: I care more about Ezra Klein’s perception of the humanitarian crisis in Syria than a high school friend. Local search functions in much the same way. We may trust our friend’0s recommendation for a restaurant, but we also trust the recommendations of chefs, writers and other “experts.” The follow structure of Twitter is much better suited…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Social Twitter- 6 readers -
  • Why Pat Sajak Wants to Power Hyperlocal Daily Deals for SMBs

    … Pat Sajak has spent the better part of three decades selling vowels to animated contestants on one America’s longest running game shows. The Wheel of Fortune host has remained active off-the-air, as an investor and political commentator, and most recently, as a surprising entrant into the local marketing industry. Last year, Sajak joined Great…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fightin Twitter- 9 readers -
  • WeddingWire CEO: Building Technology For The Ephemeral Consumer

    … for them. We all know that it matters because when you’re selling to small businesses, building relationships is so much about trust. And being able to have multiple products that help them be better businesses expands that relationship, allowing us to sell more advertising. We’ve seen Groupon and others treat software as a loss leader and give…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 10 readers -
  • The Growing Market for Networked SMB Software

    … big is buying big. The largest companies can buy in bulk, netting big discounts from manufacturers. It’s why Wal-Mart can sell a television far below market value and still make a profit. Co-ops have been around for a while, but today, business systems could bring them back better than ever before. Shopkeep, for instance, could hypothetically offer…

    Steven Jacobs/ Street Fight- 8 readers -
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