• How Should SMBs Respond to Complaints on Social Media?

    … that you do in fact respond to each and every complaint.” (Trevor Sumner, LocalVox) 5. Don’t make up excuses “Customers can see right through you. Tell the truth about what went wrong. Sometimes, nothing is wrong and it’s just a bad fit of your product or policy. Simply state that. You want to be transparent because you want potential customers…

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  • 6 Tools SMBs Can Use to Identify Dissatisfied Customers

    … it is to continue acquiring new ones. Using hyperlocal technology, vendors are helping small and mid-size merchants zero in on unhappy guests and giving them a way to make all of their customers feel heard. Here are six examples of platforms that merchants can try. 1. ListenPort: Resolve customer issues via SMS ListenPort is a business intelligence tool…

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  • 7 Automated Customer Service Solutions for Merchants

    … Street Hub: Extending customer service online Main Street Hub is a full-service marketing automation and CRM platform that gives businesses a way to extend their customer service online. Main Street Hub will update and maintain an SMB’s profile, including writing messaging and responding to customer reviews or complaints. Without lifting a finger…

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  • F8 2016: Bots for the Messenger Platform Are Here

    … are: 1-800-Flowers Bank of America Burger King/Tim Hortons Business Insider CNN eBay Expedia Fandango Great Western Railway/Conversocial HealthTap HP LivePerson Mic Operator OwnerListens Philz Coffee Poncho Rogers Salesforce Shopify Sonar Spark Central Spring Staples StubHub theScore Thrillist ToyTalk Twilio UNICEF Zalando Zendesk Zingle Readers: What uses can you think of for bots for the Messenger Platform? F8 2016: Facebook Messenger Partners …

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  • 7 Ways Local Merchants Can Use Messaging Apps for Marketing

    …. Retailers should also track customer preferences, which allows them to alert opted-in shoppers when new styles from their favorite brands arrive.” (Brooke Temple, CallFire) 6. Using messaging for reputation management “Negative reviews can really hurt a business, especially small ones who can’t compete with the SEO power of Google Places, Yelp…

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  • 5 Tools for Mobile Customer Service

    …. Here are five examples of tools that businesses can use. 1. OwnerListens: Real-time customer service over SMS. OwnerListens enables businesses to respond to customer complaints quickly and privately through its mobile platform. Businesses prompt their customers to send all different types of questions and suggestions — from “Why wasn’t the ice…

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