Parts Of Speech

  • What Is an Irregular Verb? Find Out and Test Your Knowledge!

    …An Introduction to Irregular Verbs An irregular verb is a verb that is not conjugated (changed according to tense) in the same way as most other verbs. While native English speakers learn which verbs are irregular as young children, memorizing this seemingly random list of irregular verbs can be very difficult for English…

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  • The English Language Learner’s Guide to English Prepositions

    …Peter flew to the window. Then, he was at the window. Earlier in the night, he had flown by the window. He thought it was open, so he flew into the window. Wendy saw Peter from the window. Her breath left a mark on the window. Peter’s favorite part of the window was how it […]…

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  • Understanding Verb Moods with 15 Hilarious Tweets

    …Verb moods are not unlike the moods of people (happy, sad, angry, etc.) in that they indicate the manner in which an action or condition is intended or conceived. Unlike people’s moods, though, which have an endless variety, a verb may only occur in one of three verb moods: the indicative mood, the imperative mood, or the subjunctive mood. Using…

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  • Puzzling Grammar: How to Use Collective Nouns

    …Subject–verb agreement in the English language is complicated. When you have to deal with tense, gender, number, irregular verb forms (Need I go on?), it can be quite the task to ensure that the subjects and verbs in your sentences agree. Assembling the pieces of this grammar puzzle correctly is not easy. To add another…

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  • Using Correlative Conjunctions, or Why I’m Secretly a Bad Canadian

    …I’m secretly a very bad Canadian. It’s true that I love poutine and bacon (together or separately) and that I say sorry when someone else bumps into me. The occasional eh has been known to slip from my lips, and I once got an X-ray for free. But there’s one thing that makes me…

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  • The Language Sandwich: An Overview of the Nine Parts of Speech

    …Sandwiches are the best kind of food. Not only do sandwiches contain different kinds of foods, but they are held together by even more food. You can eat them with your hands or with a knife and fork; you can eat them for breakfast, second breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner; you can make them sweet…

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