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  • 5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

    … do. After all, when it comes to startup catchphrases, Make the world a banner-ad-infested slum just doesn’t have the same ring to it. TAGS: brand editors, brand publishing, CMOs, Content Campaigns, Content Distribution, Content Marketing Brand Lift, Content Marketing Problems, content marketing ROI, content ROI, Programmatic Display, publishing, ROI 43 …

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  • 5 Content Marketing Problems That Keep Me Up at Night

    … distribution is stupidly simple, especially as we move toward a platform-centric universe that’ll serve up hungry audiences to anyone skilled enough to catch their attention. And to take advantage of the system, brands need to start devoting significant chunks of their media budgets to content marketing. Bonus: Marketers’ ability to show ROI Ultimately…

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  • Why Every Marketer Should Leverage Retargeting

    Website visitors abandon the sales funnel for many reasons: comparison shopping, credit card not handy, “just browsing” and so on. Retargeting allows you to show ads directly to visitors after they’ve left a site or landing page, providing multiple shots at the conversion. That is why retargeting has become an essential tactic in the digital marketer’s arsenal.

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