• With programmatic partners, two’s company, but when is it a crowd?

    … Dear PulsePoint, I thought my new partner could give me everything I needed. I was naive. Sure, it was great at supplying me with basic display, and it even opened my eyes to mobile. But while that was fine for a time, it got old. I felt unfulfilled. I started noticing gaps in how it met my needs: Where was the video? Where was the native…

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  • Why brand safety means more than just a blacklist

    … Dear PulsePoint, I was so excited to see my financial brand’s ads front and center on the Wall Street Journal, but when I woke up this morning, I found them running next to coverage of Senator Warren’s recent excoriation of a top bank chief. I thought that by blacklisting the bad actors, I’d be in the clear. But now audiences are getting…

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  • Programmatic pro tips: How forecasting can help round up scattered demand

    … Dear PulsePoint, Until now, my digital sales process was pretty simple: we’d sell as much direct-sold inventory as we could, aiming for 100 percent, then push the remainder into the private marketplaces and open exchanges. But I think my bottom line is taking a hit – the eCPMs in programmatic are starting to compete with my direct sold eCPMs…

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