• Why Ecommerce Marketers Should Avoid Ad Retargeting’s Black-Box

    … are also outsourcing what should be a core competency of your business. The answer: take retargeting in house The combination of a lack of transparency, high media mark-up and the growing importance of data analytics are prompting brands to handle programmatic advertising — including retargeting — themselves using in-house marketing teams…

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  • 6 Questions with Our Principal Data Scientist

    … Before arriving at Nanigans over two years ago, Sharat Chikkerur spent five years at Google and Microsoft writing and deploying machine learning algorithms. Not a bad way to hone your skills. Sharat says that experience — particularly his work at Google building large-scale machine learning systems that predict click-through rates for ads…

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  • 2018 Ad Tech Predictions: This Is the Year Marketers Get Real

    … will likely lead to a hybrid approach of API plus RTB (real-time bidding) for many of the smaller publishers. Marketing metrics will go back to basics The digital promise of perfect knowledge of a campaign and its influence on the customer journey remains unfulfilled. Everyone knows that Google and Facebook (and now Amazon) have little incentive…

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  • Real Time Bidding: An Overview of Auction Types

    … to win auctions and receive impressions. If you’re interested in seeing what’s possible with Nanigans, get in touch with us today. Maximize Mobile for Your Business Today Take control of your digital advertising. Download your guide to the advertising automation software powering today’s most successful in-house marketing teams. Download the Guide …

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  • Header bidding: What marketers need to know

    … In previous articles, we navigated the digital display advertising “stack,” starting with direct orders, programmatic direct, private marketplaces and the open RTB (real-time bidding) auction. Since writing that series, a new ad technology known as “header bidding” has grown in adoption by publishers. Because of its transformative impact…

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  • Top three programmatic trends in 2017

    …. #1 Cross-device campaigns will get in power According to Global Mobile Consumer Trends Research, we check our phones around 40 times per day. With more than 78% of the global consumers owning smartphones (76% in developed countries and 81% in emerging markets), mobile programmatic ads are on the upswing. Rising device penetration and increased…

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