• Videos Are Coming to the App Store: Tips for Marketers and Developers

    ……or close-ups of hands holding the device and interacting with the app…the visual content should be screencast-style video of the app in action. That said, you're not doomed to produce a dry, lifeless demo. Apple will accept videos with narration, a music bed, and a moderate amount of animated text and graphics. The music, in particular, is going…

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  • Use SnagIt + As A Free Temporary Image Host

    … for use as a long term CDN. SnagIt and are both products made by Techsmith and I use them in conjunction with (also by Techsmith) Camtasia for a full featured image and video screencast solution. If you only need to take screenshots from within Chrome, you might check out the 2-part Chrome Extension “SnagIt for Chrome” available in the Google Chrome shop. What do you use for quickly making shareable screenshots of any view of your computer, server or website? ~ Kim ~ Simple Tech Tips For Marketing …

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