• 3 Things I’ve Learnt 3 Years Into Self-Employment

    … It’s been a month of birthdays… In addition to this very blog turning 5-years-old very recently, on 7th May my freelance business – – reaches its 3rd birthday. Way back in 2013, only a mere 3 months after taking the plunge, I wrote a post titled 3 Things I’ve Learnt 3 Months Into Self-Employment. 33 months later, I…

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  • My Top 5 Takeaways from ReWork

    … Recently I started listening to audiobooks during my commute (a great tip if you don’t have much chance reading/listening to books in your spare time), and I was recently recommended ReWork by Scott Sherwood (@scottsherwood) of TestLodge. I’ve never agreed so hard with a book in all my life. I wasn’t joking when I tweeted that I was “screaming…

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  • The Importance of ICE 50 – A Member’s Perspective

    … Disclaimer: In addition to being a Welsh ICE member, they’re also a client of mine – albeit they came on-board after I joined them. So I was a member – who benefitted from the funding – first and foremost. Earlier this week, Welsh ICE (my co-working space) announced ICE 50, which you can apply to here. In short, they’re giving away 50(!) fully…

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  • Time-saving Hack: Listen To Audiobooks During Your Commute

    … Just a quick post detailing a time-saving hack that I discovered recently thanks to George Savva (@GeorgeSavva1), my effectiveness coach, who deserves full credit. For years I’ve wanted to read a few business books but I’ve found that I’ve never had the time to do so – sure enough I’d buy them, but then they’d simply sit and gather dust on my…

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  • 20 Ways That Freelancers Can Drum Up Sales During Quieter Times

    … a tune-up might’ve passed info about them onto others. 13) Go to business networking events Ok, so this is an obvious one… but it’s still important. Need business? Need to network? Then go to a business networking event, my friend! I’m an old-time BNI goer, and there’s plenty of other business networking events out there. Some take place over…

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  • MOM is 2!

    … on my LinkedIn profile) and I’m told that I charge extremely reasonable rates for the standard of service that I provide, which is very nice. SEOno News Freelancing, Self-employment …

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  • E-cards With a Difference… A Very MOM-y Christmas 2014

    … Last year marked my first Christmas as a self-employed freelancer with my own clients… which meant that I approached the whole idea of sending out Christmas cards in very much of an “oh F*@K!” manner: I hastily bought a box of cards, wrote in them in my hilariously horrendous handwriting using a dark green biro (to match my business’ branding…

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  • The Business Of Web Design Conference 2014 – An SEO’s Perspective

    … Yesterday I attended The Business Of Web Design 2014 (#tboWD), which was held on my doorstep in Cardiff. Although I am not a web designer, I could see from the conference’s talk topics that a lot of it would relate heavily to SEO freelancing – and I was right. The question “how much does a website cost?” is so similar to the question “how much…

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  • Why I Named My Freelance SEO Business “Morgan Online Marketing”

    One year ago today, on Tuesday 7th May 2013, I took the plunge. I thought I’d mark the occasion of my freelance SEO & PPC business’ 1st birthday by answering a question I’ve been asked a few times by a fair few people: why “Morgan Online Marketing?” First things first though… One year. Wow. It’s flown by.

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