Selling To Stores

  • Nine ways to connect with retail buyers if you are selling wholesale

    … Are you selling wholesale and looking to get your products in more stores and boutiques? Whether you’re selling wholesale clothing, jewelry, baby products, accessories, bath & beauty products, home decor, or foods, read on to find out how to let buyers find you. Where do retail buyers and store owners look for products? If you’re looking…

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  • How to start your own private label product

    … and pick the best one. Choose packaging elements. Keep it simple: a main label for branding and an extra one for technical specifications. Design the product. Core elements you need to consider include the logo and typography of the packaging. Produce & ship the product into stores. You’re done! Finally, here are some things to keep in mind when…

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  • Selling to retail stores – How to speak to a retail buyer

    Whether you are interested in selling your product to a small independent “mom & pop” shop or to a large national retail chain, selling to retail stores can be tough if you don’t know how to speak their language. I’ve listened to countless product pitches working at Macy’s in the Buying & Planning departments for apparel, accessories, and home goods.

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  • How to create a linesheet for your fashion brand

    …! What is a linesheet? A linesheet is a sales tool that is presented to buyers and store owners when developing your wholesale business. It contains all the necessary information that a buyer needs to review your collection and place an order. What should be included on a linesheet? A linesheet should include general information, product information…

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  • How to sell to retail stores – 27 tips

    … A little while ago we reached out to you, our Launch Grow Joy readers, and asked you to share with us your best tips on how to sell to retail stores. So many of you answered (THANK YOU!), so we decided to create a list of your best tips on how to sell to retail stores. Whether you decide to sell to small independent or local boutiques…

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  • What is a Line Sheet and Why You Need One

    … What is a line sheet? Do you even need one? Can it really help you increase sales or is that an urban legend? Well, a line sheet is an essential for e-commerce store owners and if you sell a product, you do need a line sheet. But first let’s bust some myths about what is a line sheet: Line sheets aren’t only for those in fashion. Product…

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