Seo Basics

    • What is on-page SEO?

      Every SEO strategy is focused on ranking as high as possible in the search engines. To do this, we all try to design and develop a website that Google’s secret algorithm will love. That’s basically what SEO is about. The factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories which will determine the ranking of your website: on-page factors and off-page factors.

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    • How to start a blog

      If you’re thinking about starting a blog, the most important thing I have to say to you is: go for it! Start your blog! Just do it! Blogging is a great SEO strategy, it’s a wonderful marketing tool and blogging is lots of fun! A new blog will allow you to make smart and strategic choices. Just take a little time to think about how to set up your blog before you begin, so you’ll ...

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    • Ask Yoast: Create profiles on online platforms?

      Nowadays there are a lot of online platforms where you can create your business profile. The idea is that you can be found on those platforms and that the backlinks to your site will benefit your SEO. But is it really worth investing your time and money in those kind of directories? Get the answer in this Ask Yoast! Marcial Bollinger emailed us asking: “There are a lot of po ...

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  • SEO basics: How to use social media

    … relevant to the topic at hand. In addition to that, you’ll want to know about these conversations. In this post, I’ll give you some fundamental tips on how to use social media. How to use social media Below are some tips you can use in order to set up or to improve your social media strategy: 1. Keep your account alive The most crucial advice…

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  • SEO basics: How to optimize a blog post?

    … Content writing should be a key element of every SEO strategy. How do you make sure your blog posts have the highest chance to rank well in Google? What are the successive steps you’ll need to take? In this post, I’ll take you back to the very basics of SEO. How do you optimize a blog post? Find that keyword The very first step of every content…

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  • SEO Resolutions – #2 Saving Money

    … 9 January 2017 | Melanie Kamdar SEO Resolutions – #2 Saving Money Welcome to our SEO Resolutions series. In this series of blog posts, we’re saying goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017 with some SEO resolutions for the new year. Second in this guide we discuss how effective SEO management can help you to reduce your PPC spend. Save marketing money…

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  • Nine SEO techniques that take less than 15 minutes

    … and updates to the search landscape. 1. Check your site’s organic CTR, revise 10 of the lowest performing page’s title tags and meta descriptions Head into your site’s Google Search Console, then click on Search Traffic>Search Analytics. Then click on the Impressions and CTR filters for Pages. Here you can take a look at the pages with high…

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  • Is Your SEO Leaving Money on the Table?

    … Sure, Google is out to get you! And me too, but having them deliver free visitors to your front door is still useful in my opinion. Every month I read how much harder SEO is becoming, and how people are getting penalized and whacked by Google. But don’t let it get you down. You can still be do all the basics of SEO and get results. Even…

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  • How To Locate A Sitemap In A Robots.txt File

    … also contain additional information about each URL in the form of meta data. And just like robots.txt, a sitemap is a must-have. It helps search engine bots explore, crawl and index all the webpages in a site through the sitemap. Learn some more basics of XML sitemap from one of our previous posts. How Are Robots.Txt And Sitemaps Related? Back…

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