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  • Why Your Infographic is Ruining Your Business

    … make it difficult to read. When it comes to visual content, people want to know everything in a matter of seconds. If they have to scroll and scroll in order to see everything, chances are they will click away. Make it Relevant to Readers, Not You Too many people want to create infographics that “they” like. The problem is that you want them…

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  • 6 Types of Visual Content for Marketing Campaigns

    … that posts featuring visual content are much more popular and receive more shares or likes. Here are six kinds of visual content you should use for your marketing campaigns. 1. Memes The word ‘meme’ was first coined by Richard Dawkins in the 1970s to describe an idea which had the capacity to replicate itself and acquire different meanings among different…

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  • 5 Requirements for a Shareworthy Infographic

    … a logical flow from section to section. Do not use too many colors. (To understand more about colors, read this post by Neil Patel on color Psychology.) Choose the right size for your infographic. 5. Shareability You didn’t put all the time and effort into research and design of your infographic, just to have it sit idle on a webpage, did you? Of course…

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