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    • How to perform an SEO audit. Part 3: Site speed & Engagement

      This week, we’ve been showing you how to perform an SEO audit on your website. By regularly auditing your – or your client’s – sites, you can get a good feel for what you still need to do to improve SEO. In part 1, I talked about user experience and content SEO and in part 2, I’ve touched on general SEO issues. Here, I’ll round off this series with a look at site speed and engagement.

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  • Measuring mobile site speed with Google Lighthouse

    … today are fairly adequate, but a new tool is trying to come at it from a different, more realistic angle: Google Lighthouse. Here, I’ll take a closer look at how to measure mobile site speed with Google Lighthouse. Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $199 - Buy now » Info What is Google Lighthouse? Lighthouse…

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  • Create a website with SEO in mind: Technical pointers

    … your website for you. All in all, you’re pretty confident that you can now start a website without any problems. But wait. Have you thought about this little thing called SEO? Become a technical SEO expert with our Technical SEO 1 training! » $199 - Buy now » Info Create your website with SEO in mind A large part of the search engine optimization…

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  • What is HTTP/2 and how does it benefit SEO?

    … waiting to be called. Site owners can compress some of these resources to increase load speeds, but we require a fundamental change in browser-server communications to resolve these issues in the long term. That’s exactly where HTTP/2 comes in. On a practical level, these interactions between browsers and servers start to look as follows: Source…

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  • Where SEO and UX meet on your site

    … where SEO and UX meet. Come to think of it, in a lot of ways, SEO simply targets the search engines and UX targets the visitor, both with a shared goal: to provide the best experience possible. Learn how to write engaging copy and how to organize it well on your site: Combine our SEO copywriting and Site structure training. » $249 - Buy now » Info…

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  • What may be slowing your site down (and how to fix it)

    … are on WordPress, the easiest route is to switch to a faster WordPress theme. Here’s a good list. For others, there are plenty of tools that will show you which page elements slow your page down. The easiest and free one is Page Speed: Just copy-paste your landing page URL and scroll down to identify the culprit. For more details, try SE Ranking page…

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  • Why site speed is as important as ever on the visual web

    … that could make a big difference to your page load speed by refactoring your code. JavaScript Libraries I’ve encountered a number of websites that run big JavaScript libraries that aren’t used on a lot of pages, but they still have to load on every page. Making excessive calls to a large amount of unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files slows down…

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  • Ask Yoast Case study: SEO for architects

    … In our Ask Yoast case studies we give SEO advice for websites in a specific market or industry. This time: the website of Slemish Design Studio Architects, the business site of an architect duo. The architects told us that they get great responses from their clients, but is their website optimized for search engines as well? We’ll dive…

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  • How to scale web design to improve page loading speed

    … page loading speed is very important and determines if you will rank in SERPs. Below are 8 simple but highly effective ways to enhance your web speed immediately by modifying your website design. #1 Optimize images and lazy load everything Some of the most common bandwidth hogs on the web are images. According to HTTP Archive, images now account…

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  • Page speed as a ranking factor: what you need to know

    … It’s official: Google announced that page speed will be a ranking factor in its mobile-first index. But what does that mean? There’s no beating around the bush anymore: you should work on making your site as fast and accessible as possible. Don’t wait, do it now. I mean it. For years, we’ve been bombarded by one message: mobile is going to take…

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  • Metadata and SEO part 2: link rel metadata

    … or to prevent duplicate content issues. The link rel tags come in a lot of flavors. I’d like to address the most important ones here. Use rel=canonical to prevent duplicate content Every website should use rel=canonical to prevent duplicate content and point Google to the original source of that content. rel=canonical is one of those metadata elements…

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  • All you need to master your site speed without getting overwhelmed

    … have been talking about the necessity to speed up your page load for ages. Not only does poor page load time hurt your site usability, but it also hinders your rankings (by screwing your page engagement metrics), conversions, social media marketing campaign performance and so on. Fixing the page load time issue is not that easy though. It does take…

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  • Performance optimization in an HTTP/2 world

    …. If a simple HTTP/2 test shows you that a site is capable of using HTTP/2, quite a few of the site speed suggestions are moot. Their documentation speaks of “networking round trips” that simply, in an HTTP/2 environment, don’t happen. There are people at Google that understand this, of course. This presentation by Ilya Gregorik in 2015 already shows all of that. Read more: ‘Site speed: tools and suggestions’ » …

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  • How speed affects your site’s performance [infographic]

    … be prolonged (or repeated) and this cannot be overlooked by any site owner. In fact, a page’s load time affects several key areas: Sales It’s no surprise that 79% of customers are less likely to buy again from a site that lacks a speed optimised performance. As everything gets faster, you cannot afford to stay still. Mobile experience Mobile…

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