• 4 Key Challenges All Solopreneurs Face And How To Overcome Them

    If there’s one thing we all need to be grateful for, it’s the internet. Let’s go back in time a few decades, shall we? If you wanted to start your own business back in 1985 — the year I was born — there were a lot of risks involved. You had to secure a brick-and-mortar location, acquire inventory, hire staff, and then advertise relentlessly through traditional channels.

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  • A Solopreneur’s Guide To Wiping Stress Away And Delegating Better Today

    … You just had another sleepless night. You had a difficult time clearing your mind from thinking of the future meetings, collaborations, impending deadlines and the massive to-do list you have before your head even hit the pillow. The ding-ding of your phone’s alert instantly causes your heart to race; you need to sleep, but the thought…

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  • Online Reputation Management Risks for Solopreneurs

    … Increasingly more corporation employees prefer the path of solo-preneurship. For some, there is a constant feeling that, while working under a huge matrix, there’s no impact or influence on success of the firm. For others, there is a constant need for more freedom in both business and personal lives. While solo-preneurship has a nice ring…

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