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  • As World of Tanks Blitz Turns 2, Wargaming Reveals What’s Next (Interview)

    …. Delallana explained: With the introduction of Training Rooms, this was our first small step into trying to grow Blitz as a competitive gaming title. Obviously, we’ve seen the success of a few mobile games out there that have tried to enter the competitive game space, and we believe that our pedigree in World of Tanks PC really positions Blitz…

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  • Atypical Games Launches Battle Supremacy: Evolution on iOS

    … Atypical Games has announced the release of Battle Supremacy: Evolution, the sequel to the World War II combat simulator Battle Supremacy, on iOS devices. This sequel takes players to the future, where they’ll defend cities using transforming vehicles that can take the forms of tanks, drones or planes. In Battle Supremacy: Evolution, players…

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