• How AR and VR can Propel Content Marketing into a New Age

      A Monster of a Marketing Campaign On April 26th 2017, the marketing team behind the wildly successful Alien film franchise unleashed a monster of an ad campaign to build interest in their new film, Alien: Covenant. Utilizing cutting edge virtual reality technologies, they released a 360 VR experience called ‘In-Utero’. You can check out the video here, if you dare.

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    • Excited for Cyber Monday? Get Your Storage Space Ready Now

      Black Friday has, for a long time, been considered the most important shopping day of the year in the United States. With the rise of ecommerce, however, Cyber Monday is quickly becoming a relevant competitor. In 2016, consumers spent a whopping $3.45 billion on Cyber Monday. This was a 12 percent increase over the previous year—showing that Cyber Monday still has plenty of room left to grow.

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    • DataRobot: An Enterprise Automated Machine Learning Platform

      Years ago, I had to do a huge financial analysis for my company to predict whether pay increases could reduce employee churn, training costs, productivity, and overall employee moral. I remember running and testing multiple models for weeks, all concluding that there would be a savings. My Director was an incredible guy and asked me to go back and check them one more time befo ...

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  • 5 Reasons to Migrate Your Website to WordPress

    … WordPress is currently the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world, with about 50% of all websites that use CMS running on it. Website owners are massively migrating to WordPress and for good reasons too since it’s an incredibly flexible and functional platform, but above all – it’s extremely easy to use. The sheer number…

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  • The Differences between Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Native Apps

    … Mobile app development has been a dominant force shaping the marketing landscape for small and large businesses alike. But apps as we’ve come to know and experience them, often referred to as native apps, are evolving thanks to the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). This shift is causing some businesses to worry that their native app…

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  • Ultimate list of Tools for Visual Content Marketing

    … This list of handy tools for better visual content marketing features tools that were picked for two reasons. Either the tool is exceptionally good and free, or the tool is a paid tool but also allows you to create visual content very quickly. There is a healthy mix of tools on this list that allow you to create a range of videos, images…

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  • When an App Might Be a Mistake

    … Content marketers have long been using apps like Facebook and Instagram to share their content. In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in businesses developing their own apps to distribute their content to their audience. From games to blogging platforms, companies of all kinds are looking to apps to be the next face of their brand. There’s just…

  • How to Analyze What Consumers Read After They See Your Ads

    … on social media platforms. When deciding on ad placement with specific publishers or networks, make sure they have good data on who their audiences are and how they interact on the platform. The more they know about the kinds of readers and users they attract, the better they’ll be able to deliver the right message to the right consumers at the right…

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  • WordPress and Salesforce Come Together to Offer Smooth Business Operations

    WordPress is the leading CMS and Salesforce is the leading CRM. Combining the two gives the best results one could ever hope for. This conjoint platform provides the latest tools for data collection and the best solutions for data management. What you need to know before integration Integration of two omnipotent platforms is serious business. You cannot integrate CRM and CMS platforms by fluke.

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  • How Your Business Should Utilize Technology

    … Technology is advancing at astounding rates. Sure, in the most popular sci-fi movies, we had flying cars and holograms by now, but that doesn’t make the tech we do have any less efficient and useful. We do have stuff like self-driving vehicles, big data and predictive analytics, drone and automation hardware, smart homes and offices, and much…

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  • Effects of AMP on Your Paid Search Marketing

    … Google has long stressed the importance of fast-loading and easy to read websites. Especially on mobile devices. For years, the search engine giant has mercilessly punished websites that failed to provide its visitors with a fast and smooth experience, and the requirements for websites are only bound to increase over time. Luckily, Google…

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  • Investing in W2P – Have You Done Your Homework?

    … report, or the customer transaction reports, or your various discount coupon codes reports, or the number of vendors or sellers on your portal. It can be anything. Today’s advanced technology has features where a one-hour job can be done in 10 minutes through the Admin Panel. Can I add Images from external sources to give more options to my…

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  • Designing Rules That Designers Must Follow

    … Just like all another professions, the design comes with some discipline and rules. From all design features from typography, layout, interface, colors and patterns, the list is long and we have to follow a few basic rules, tips, and tricks. The history of design is constant; there are just a few new things that must be learned to align all…

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  • Why You Should Never Use Pirated Premium WordPress Themes

    … A good or bad WordPress theme can make or break the website, so it’s extremely important to choose the right WordPress theme for your website. There are plenty of free WordPress themes on the web, but they’re usually not nearly as good as Premium themes that you can get for a small fee. However, since there’s such a clear difference between Free…

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  • GAIQ Certification 2017 Updated Study Guide

    … The Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam (GAIQ) administered by Google is a good way to differentiate your understanding of analytics in the workplace as well as ensure that you have grasped all underlying concepts. Additionally all certifications, in addition to being a recruitment filter, make anything you say on that subject far more…

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  • 8 Questions Business Leaders Have Regarding ERP Software

    …, and their respective answers. What Is ERP? Enterprise resource planning is technology that allows organizations to integrate their departments and digital assets into one convenient location. There are several advantages to doing this, such as better analytics, cost effectiveness and organization. ERP can allow business to compete in a world of rapidly evolving…

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  • Cloud Biometrics: Conveniently Safeguarding Our Data for Our Future

    … into its handheld Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet. Other major smartphone manufacturers, including HTC, Sony, and Apple, were already bringing biometrics applications, such as fingerprint and voice, into the picture with their next projects. Benefits to Users As the market sees this increase in devices that use biometric technology, adopting…

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