Travel Industry

    • 5 Tips For The Travel PPC Marketer

      January 20, 2017 If you missed it, last week we presented a two-part webinar series around the Travel Industry. Part one was a case study on how we increased ROAS by 50% over the course of a few months by implementing Gmail Ads. The second part focused on the travel industry as a whole and 5 tips that every travel marketer should know. If you missed them, never fear, they can be found here.

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  • How the Travel Industry Uses Email Automation

    … Marketing in the travel industry is all about timing. When you get the right offers to the people who are ready to book with you, you’ve got a profitable campaign. So how can you ensure you’re sending the right content to the right people without wasting valuable time and money? Email automation is a huge opportunity for the travel industry…

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  • Trends in Email Marketing: Travel & Tourism Spotlight

    … There’s a fierce battle being waged for the the time and attention of prospective travelers, and like never before, more travel industry marketers are taking advantage of tried and true marketing techniques to reach consumers with highly personalized and dynamic experiences. In terms of email ROI, the travel industry leads the pack. According…

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  • Missing the Content Amplification Mark, Again

    … investment. Econsultancy focused on the travel industry as a case study when examining how industry-wide shortcomings can hurt even the best content opportunities. The Social Disconnection When it comes to the travel industry, content serves as a key tool for establishing a social connection, as HospitalityNet writes. Millennials, who tend…

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  • Net Neutrality and the OTAs

    … server. Throw in third party widgets and booking engines, and you could have an even slower website. The Uneven Superhighway Already at Work Slowly imbalance already has crept into the web. In 2010, Google Search Guru Matt Cutts announced that Google was incorporating site speed in search rankings. [Source:…

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