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The YouTube video hosting service constitutes a social networking website on which practically any individual or organization with Internet access can upload videos that can be seen almost immediately by wide audiences. As the world's largest video platform, YouTube has had impact in many fields, with some individual YouTube videos having directly shaped world events.
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  • Memo to Big Brands: Declare Victory and Advertise on YouTube Again

    … four years. And according to Tubular Labs, 25.7 million accounts uploaded 203 million videos to YouTube in the last 90 days. These videos got 473 billion (with a “b”) views and 10.4 billion (with a “b”) engagements during that period. So, deciding where to advertise isn’t as simple as it was back in the “Mad Men” era, when a brand’s only choices…

    Greg Jarboe/ ReelSEOin Social Google YouTube- 34 readers -